Houston Super Show 2021

Our largest show coverage... EVER!

The hop pit action was exciting.

Photos by Tripod Todd, Abel Morales, & StreetSeen Staff

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It has been several years since Houston has had a massive indoor car show. That would have been Los Magnificos Super Show in 2016. It would be five whole years later before rumblings about WEGO returning with an indoor show towards the end of the year began to make their rounds throughout the scene, just as the haze of Covid barely began to lift. Eventually WEGO confirmed that they would indeed host a car show at NRG Center. WEGO partnered up with Krazy Toyz Car Club and a date was announced. We were excited to see what a year without car shows in any capacity, and several years away from the NRG complex would look like attendance and entry wise at this returning event.

“Double Trouble”

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and that couldn’t be more true in this case. An astounding 475 entries lined up outside NRG center for hours, even braving passing showers, to have their rides displayed under the bright lights of an indoor venue. The newly branded “Houston Super Show” was officially born. Some might say they were surprised with the great turnout, but Jon Chuck (WEGO CEO) and the boys were confident about what they had put together.

This year, the tour also went at it alone. There were no major sponsors to help cover the costs; no radio partners as in previous years, no major investors, and no A-list music acts to draw in spectators. The result was still spectacular. Thousands were in attendance, and this year, it was the vehicles alone that were the draw.

Car Show Hottie Kali Haze with a High Class ’67

The vehicles were gleaming while being adorned by many of the scene’s top car show models. Kali Haze, Eden Ortiz, Saint-T, and Georjah James, were just a few of the hotties taking pictures with fans and their rides on the show floor. It was a very active show floor with top quality rides and people in every corner of the building.

The hop pit was full of action as well with hoppers reaching the very top of the measuring stick and bumping their asses on the concrete. Things heated up, literally, during the truck dance. Felix Perez of Those Dudes CC was in a fierce dance off with his 1991 S-10, “The Jackhammer” against Joker of Team Wicked and their S-10 dancer. These guys pushed the very limits of what their hydraulics could do, even past the point when Perez’s cab caught fire, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Things literally heated up in the dance pit.

It was really a great showing and one we really hope returns in 2022. With the cost of these massive shows, it would have to be a successfully profitable event for that to happen. We really hope it was. Please do your part to support the lowrider scene so that event like this one can continue for years to come. We’ll see you at the next one.

Latin Cartel CC – Baytown, TX