Texas Showdown 2007

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This show is officially credited as being the first show we ever covered as the newly fledged StreetSeen Magazine. Though we had gone to take photos at the Low Low Car Show in San Antonio in 2005 wearing gear, this would be the show in which we were officially launching the brand. At the time, Darryl Tracy of Tracy Media owned the show. This was before he sold it to Heatwave, Inc. The whole weekend was a washout which would make you think that nobody would show, but to the contrary, it brought out the most wild showgoers we’ve seen til this day. The event was wild. It reminded us more of a frat party than a car and truck show. There were half naked ladies running around everywhere! We got images so wild, we couldn’t post them here. This show will hold a special place in our hearts not only for being the first, but also for the people we met that would be life long friends. Darryl Tracy of Tracy Media and Severed Ties member, David MacDonald of the Texas Heatwave, John Salas – the godfather of Vertically Challenged, and StreetSeen Model Christi Rose, the whooty who has been with us since the beginning. Though we no longer concentrate any efforts on truck events, this one was one to remember.

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