Texas Heatwave 2013

1944_Heatwave_13Photos by “Big” Rick Treviño and DC Claudio

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1638_Heatwave_13We’re going to take a look back at the largest show we cover all year long hands down. The Texas Heatwave in Austin TX has been around for over 25 years for one reason – consistency. David MacDonald, Heatwave’s CEO, and his crew of hardworking and dedicated people have busted lots of ass making sure that each Heatwave show is an awesome experience. You KNOW that no matter what, you’re going to enjoy a phenomenal event.

4129_Heatwave_13This is not some parking lot show we’re talking about here… These guys don’t just rent a patch of grass and park custom vehicles in their designated spots. This is a top notch, grade A production with events and activities planned throughout the 3 days it takes place. Everything from a burnout contest to car hop is scheduled to entertain the massive audience this show draws. A-list musical acts are often a staple of the show as well. The bikini contest provides eye candy on an already scorching weekend, and monster trucks demolishing helpless cars is something the entire family enjoys. We invite you to join us at the next Texas Heatwave in Austin, July 24th -26th 2015 and judge gfor yourself…

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