Players Paradise Picnic 2015


Story and Photos by BE Barker

Story and Photos by BE Barker

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When we hear the word summer, a few things come to mind. Hot sunny day, kids out of school, playing in the park, and let’s not forget picnics.  How we all enjoy the smell of the smoke from all the grills cooking up some of our summertime favorites that make our mouths water with anticipation. Players Paradise Car Club was formed in 1999 and has been hosting an annual picnic each year for the past 6 years. This year, Players Paradise was challenged with all the unpredictable weather but did not let this put a damper on their picnic when it was rained out in June.

Players quickly moved the picnic to July 12th which turned out to be a beautiful sunny day that the entire family could enjoy. The picnic was well organized to include not only showing of the super rides, but to have food, games and fellowship. The picnic started with the sizzle of hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. When all the burgers and dogs came off the grill, they were served up with some chips and nachos. Once everyone had their stomachs full the games started with a popsicle eating contest that had a few dealing with brain freeze, but JD from Homies Car Club was able to win out. StreetSeen’s own Chile Alford won the bolt contest, much to his delight when he became twenty dollars richer.

Next up was the potato sack races for the kids. Jazmin showed the rest how it was done; winning a gift card for her victory. Top Notch cleaned up winning both the men’s and women’s sack races. With all the fun we were having, time got away from many of us. We then stopped for a moment and realized the day was over. I can say I met a few new friends and can’t wait for the next year’s picnic.

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