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If you’ve followed StreetSeen Magazine for any given amount of time, then you certainly know Christi Rose. The “original” StreetSeen Girl, Christi has been with us since our very first event back in June of 2007. That would have been a very wet and messy Texas Showdown at the Sam Houston Race Park in Houston, Texas. Being an unknown, unproven, and unprinted publication at the time, we couldn’t believe a girl with the perfect curves that we first contacted on a modeling networking site would agree to work a very hot and sticky show with us. Not only did she show up on time and ready to work, but she rocked it.

Her personality was perfect for the car and truck show scene, which was a relief for us because many of the girls who were into modeling at the time had a diva complex. Not Christi. She’s tough as nails, kick ass, funny, and fine as fuck. She’s a trooper. Some blazing hot ass weather and a bad case of swamp ass never scared her away from putting her heels to the ground and doing what had to be done.

In her time working with us, she has appeared on two StreetSeen Magazine covers, had a steamy spread in Car Show Hotties Vol. 1, and even graced the left side of the now retired StreetSeen Private Jet. She’s a seasoned pro. It’s been a while since she and StreetSeen have worked any events or projects together, but there is no reason we couldn’t bring her in as a surprise guest model one day 😉

After 13 years, she is still one of the hottest whooties we’ve ever known. And ’til this day, we’re still honored to call her a close friend. Over our years working together, we have amassed a large amount of photos of her. Choosing just a few to share here was a task. Please take a look at her images below. Hopefully we chose some you enjoy.

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