Baytown 281 3rd Annual Picnic 2015


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Story and Photos by BE Barker

We have all heard of the “Dog Days of Summer”. This refers to the hot sultry days we commonly experience in July and August. The term was first used by the Greeks to describe this hot time of the year. Baytown 281 C.C. did not let the Dog Days keep their club from hosting a picnic on July 26th at Roseland Park in Baytown TX. Wizard Aceves of Baytown 281 said “his club has hosted this event for the past 3 years and hopes that this event will help bring more attention to Baytown 281 C.C. and the car culture in the city of Baytown”. The club has a motto – Family, Unity, Respect and Pride which is on the bottom of their banner hanging in the pavilion. Wizard said “The Goal of the club is in the words on the banner and to reach this goal is to give back to the community in the way of offering an event where everyone is invited”.  He hopes this will open dialog between clubs and allow the car clubs to grow with unity and respect.

The picnic was attended by multiple clubs in the Baytown, Beaumont, and Houston area.  Most found shade under the pavilion that gave access to the splash area for the kids to run and play in the water. The aroma of the grill helped draw many to the hot dogs and hamburgers to take care of the lunch time hunger. Once lunch was over, there was time to meet one another and trade stories until the tire toss competition. We had a few laughs and had to dodge a couple of tosses that came close, but by the end of the day we all had excitement, good food, and met a few new friends. I would have to say Thank You Baytown 281 C.C. for hosting this event.

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