Illegal Toys

Oklahoma Summer Bash 2019

July 2, 2019

Illegal Toys Car Club shows us how they jump back into the car show game. Photos by Jose Luis Rodriguez, Jr. We had to double and triple check to make sure that the information we had was correct. It has been a solid six years to the date since Illegal Toys Car Club hosted a car show in the City of Oklahoma City! That would have been their 9th Annual Illegal Toys Car Show and Concert at the Oklahoma State Fair Park in 2013. That’s right. 2013! Back then, Lucky Luciano and Trampia were headlining a show with a solidly built reputation that was growing in size each year. Then it abruptly stopped. Quiet as a mouse for quite some time. But why? With a show as wildly popular as the Illegal Toys Car Show and Concert was on the WEGO Tour, why not keep it going forever? “We [Illegal Toys CC] thought we would take a break for a year or two to focus on our rides,” said Caspy Julian of Illegal Toys Car Club, “As you can see it was longer than that.” Jamie and the Read More...

40 and a 5th Car Show 2015

July 14, 2015

The 40 and a 5th Car Club has attended every event we've ever covered in Oklahoma as well as most on the WEGO Tour. When they asked us to come out to their event in July of last year, we gave them an automatic yes. Read More...

Illegal Toys Car Show 2013

July 3, 2013

Oklahoma City has felt like a second home to us ever since we've started covering the Illegal Toys Car Show and Concert. Every year, the club has gotten together to show the world Oklahoma's best custom vehicles... Read More...

Traffic Jam – 1975 Chevy Caprice

July 1, 2010

Story by John Urrey Altus, Oklahoma, population 21,000, is not a city full of lowriders, but that makes Ramiro Ramirez’ 1975 Chevrolet Caprice stand out when it rolls through town. Other drivers stop to admire the sleek rode, in fact, the car draws so much attention Ramirez named it Traffic Jam. The classic auto features Candy Apple Red paint offset by California Gold as well as graphics in several colors by Julian’s Customs of Altus. The tan vinyl roof matches the upholstery and a custom billet grille graces the front. A friend named Poncho installed the tan interior with red accents. Also inside is a JVC CD player, four 6×9 thumpers in the rear dash and two 5x8s in the console. Ramirez said he couldn’t fit a gang of subwoofers in the trunk because the space is taken by the hydraulic pumps and ten batteries. With the power coming from his sound system maybe the car should be called Traffic Jamz. Hydro controls in a moveable switch box near the console Read More...