Car Show Hotties

Nikki Love – Car Show Hotties

January 17, 2020

Our time with the sexy Nikki Love has been pretty brief up to this point, but it also has been pretty fruitful. Though we flirted around for a couple of years through social media, we finally had a chance to work with her on a feature in the Dallas area with Kingz Car Club for Vol. 34 of StreetSeen Magazine. There, she shot with Pancho Martinez’s 2003 Chevy Avalanche named “La BurBerry”. Her work ethic on that shoot was impeccable and her personality was compatible to ours. We knew immediately that we had to work with her again. That opportunity came with the 2015 Texas Heatwave in Austin. There, she was a crowd favorite with many show participants asking her to pose with their rides for pictures. This Puerto Rican Hottie hails from the great city of San Antonio. If you’re keeping track at home, that’s a total of three Hotties we’ve featured recently from the Alamo City. This particular San Antonio Hottie was able to land the cover of Car Show Read More...

Megan Kan – Car Show Hotties

January 3, 2020

We often referred to her as our Germanese Hottie. Half German, half Chinese, Megan Kan had the perfect look to model for us. She worked at several car shows over the last few years and has appeared in several volumes of StreetSeen Magazine. This San Antonio hottie appeared on the September 2012 cover of StreetSeen Magazine and had a very steamy layout in Car Show Hotties Volume 3. Though we first met her online a few months before, our first meeting in person would be at the 2011 San Antonio Heatwave. Since then, she quickly became one of our go to girls for many events. She’s intelligent, articulate, and let’s be honest, very easy on the eyes. StreetSeen Magazine definitely pushed her to her limits when it came to comfort. She had never worn a G-string bikini for any public modeling jobs before us, and we’re pretty sure not any after either. Her first show with us would be the Torres Empire Car Show back in 2011. Then, she carried a very nervous smile the entire Read More...

Misty Marie Gonzales – Car Show Hotties

December 12, 2019

If there is anyone who embodies the title ‘Car Show Hottie’ in the current era, it’s Misty Marie Gonzales; known to her many fans as Miss Misty the Model. She burst out onto the scene in 2011 at the San Antonio Texas Heatwave and has been a rising star ever since. Not only is this Houston, TX born model one of the most gorgeous ladies in the scene, but also one of the sweetest. Ask any of her fans and they can tell you that she is extremely approachable and never passes on a chance to snap shots with them. On stage, Misty has been a crowd favorite in many of bikini contests she’s competed in, mostly because of her many diehard fans that cheer her on to first place. In our many years covering car shows, we’ve had many opportunities to work with her. She has appeared in several print layouts for us; Her November 2012 feature with Robert Ramos’ Blvd Boss, her almost too hot for print feature in Car Show Hotties Magazine, and her Vol. 34 StreetSeen Read More...

Car Show Hotties Magazine Returns

February 22, 2016

After a 3 year absence since debuting in 2013, Villa Entertainment Company, Inc., publishers of StreetSeen Magazine, have finally set a date for the release of Car Show Hotties Volume 2. The wildly successful title is set to return on March 2nd, 2016, 3 years to the month of the release of the debut issue. Read More...