17 Signs That You Grew Up in a Custom Car Family


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By Elanor Layne, Contributing Writer

Most of us have been custom car fans since as long as we can remember, but your passion probably started much earlier if you grew up in a custom car family.
Here’s 17 signs that you did:

1. You spent your Sundays together searching the junkyards.
Because your Dad needed that compressor for his El Camino, and eBay wasn’t invented yet.

2. Your family’s idea of a vacation was a road trip to a car show.
Which is the reason your sister moved out at 17.

3. …and every single trip began and ended with the hood open.
Better check the oil one more time, just in case.

4. Everyone at school thought you were a family of bad asses.
Because your Mom had flames running up the side of her slammed minitruck.

5. No one understood why you were always fixing your car.
Or why it always seemed to need fixing.

6. You never went through the Drive Thru.
Because your family car was either slammed or lifted, and drive thrus weren’t made for that.

7. As a young child you had a pimped out tricycle.
If it drives, it’s customized.

8. Every calendar, clock and poster in the house was car related.
At least you were consistent.

9. You knew how to change the oil and spark plugs before you could even drive.
Because your Dad always needed someone to hold the flashlight.

10. … and you could’ve passed your driving test before you were even a teenager.
But that probably didn’t stop you from driving anyway.

11. You learned math using horsepower equations.
And for some reason, your teachers never understood your examples.

12. Your version of stepping on a lego brick was tripping over a jack in the garage.
Way worse than stubbing your toe.

13. Your family car was always cleaner than your living room.
No crumbs on the leather!

14. You got used to closing a car door touching only the inside of the frame.
Because Dad didn’t want fingerprints after a wash and wax.

15. Going over speed bumps was a family event.
Like driving over a mountain in the middle of the parking lot.

16. Paint color was dinner conversation.
As were vinyl decals, ground clearance and compression ratio.

17. Wherever you went together, the drive was always the best part.
Are we there already?