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Houston Lowriders New Year’s Picnic 2020

January 18, 2020

GoodTimes Houston front end line up For the last 14 years, the lowriding community of Houston, Texas, has come together on the first Sunday of the year for a day full of custom rides, friends, sun, and food. The date this year was January 5th. “This event began back in 2006 when the HLC first hosted the event,” said Armando “Goofy” Hernandez, Club Coordinator for Rollerz Only Houston Chapter and original founder of the Houston Lowrider Council. The HLC held the picnic annually until the council dissolved in 2012. In 2013, the four Houston area chapters of Rollerz Only hosted the event in hopes of making it an annual Rollerz event. “We took it upon ourselves to host the picnic,” said Jose Martinez, President of Rollerz Only, Gulf Coast Chapter, “Houston, Gulf Coast, Galveston, and then Eagle Lake chapters.” Rollerz wanted to elevate the excitement of the picnic. “We did games, contests, and trophies that year,” said Martinez. Read More...

Vanessa Martinez Christmas Toy Drive Car Show 2019

December 21, 2019

Frank Hernandez, Jr. of City Style Car Club in Houston is no newcomer to organizing fundraisers for great causes. Over the last several years, he, along with his former club – The Gulf Coast Chapter of Rollerz Only, hosted their annual “Holiday Angels Toy Drive” with great success. This year, he wanted to make a go at a toy drive with his new club hosting the event in partnership with another local club – Veteranos Tejanos. “I could have asked any car club to help me, but I went with [Veteranos Tejanos] because they seemed to be the most humble car club,” said Hernandez. Frank got with a friend of his, Victor Treviño III, who in turn connected Frank with his mother, Constable Sylvia Treviño of Harris County Precinct 6. She helped Frank get the ball rolling with the event. “She agreed to let me use their parking lot with one condition: that she collaborate with us and become a partner [in the event],” Hernandez said. But Read More...

LMP Car Show 2019

November 12, 2019

Story and photos by Jay Villa This weekend we said goodbye to an old friend; Los Magnificos Car Show. For 37 years, Los Magnificos has not only been a staple of the Houston custom car show scene, but of the national car show scene. This LMP Show celebrated the memories of years past. Helen Carmona, the matriarch of Los Magnificos family, decided to retire and retire the show name as well. Truly, it was a great run. Los Magnificos has been the source of many of our best memories over the years. Jon Chuck, WEGO Tour CEO says that even though the name is retiring, Houston will still hold a yearly show on the WEGO Tour as it has for many years, just with a new name. Will The LMP Supershow be the permanent name for the Houston WEGO Finale? Only time will tell. As everyone knows, it’s been a hot minute since we’ve attended any car shows regularly. This year, we’ve only attended 3 so far; Spring Break Jam, Illegal Toys, and this show. Getting back to a show and seeing Read More...

Oklahoma Summer Bash 2019

July 2, 2019

Illegal Toys Car Club shows us how they jump back into the car show game. Photos by Jose Luis Rodriguez, Jr. We had to double and triple check to make sure that the information we had was correct. It has been a solid six years to the date since Illegal Toys Car Club hosted a car show in the City of Oklahoma City! That would have been their 9th Annual Illegal Toys Car Show and Concert at the Oklahoma State Fair Park in 2013. That’s right. 2013! Back then, Lucky Luciano and Trampia were headlining a show with a solidly built reputation that was growing in size each year. Then it abruptly stopped. Quiet as a mouse for quite some time. But why? With a show as wildly popular as the Illegal Toys Car Show and Concert was on the WEGO Tour, why not keep it going forever? “We [Illegal Toys CC] thought we would take a break for a year or two to focus on our rides,” said Caspy Julian of Illegal Toys Car Club, “As you can see it was longer than that.” Jamie and the Read More...

Spring Break Jam 2019

March 6, 2019

30 years and running for this Texas Custom Car Institution. RM Series Cutlass from Good Times Car Club When we have covered a show as many times as we have several of the Heatwave Tour shows, it becomes very difficult to give you a fresh perspective, so we usually let the photos do the talking. This doesn’t mean that we will not take the opportunity to repeat all of the great things we’ve told you several times before about the tour. This year, Spring Break Jam kicked off the 30th anniversary of the Texas Heatwave Show. You could say 30th anniversary of the tour as well, since the Texas Heatwave Show was the seed that grew into the tour. Back in 1989, a 19 years young David MacDonald hosted his very first Texas Heatwave show at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, TX with a very respectable 207 entries. King of Kings Rat Rod Fast forward to 2019. The Texas Heatwave Show now boasts over a whopping 2000 entries. Easily the single largest custom car and truck show in Texas. And Read More...

Ritz Car Show 2018

September 25, 2018

Things can get sexy when a gentlemen’s club hosts a show Any car show promoter can tell you that the weather can make or break any event fast and quick. Even the whispers of the possibility of bad weather can stop anyone planning on making a trip to the event; even if the weather turns out to be stellar on the show date. Well, the boys at The Ritz Cabaret aren’t exactly car show promoters, but they did have to worry about the real possibility of bad weather for their car show held in September 2018. Ritz Cabaret staff members As part of their yearly anniversary celebrations, the Ritz wanted to host a car show in their parking lot to celebrate their 33rd Anniversary. This wouldn’t be their first car show ever, but it would be their first in at least 15 years. The sodas were in the ice chest, the hot dogs were on the grill, and it was show time. There were several rides and clubs who showed up for a day of custom cars and gorgeous ladies. John Salas of VC fame came Read More...

Rollerz Only Wichita Car Show 2015

September 30, 2015

Photos by Jose Luis Rodriguez, Jr. So far this year, the furthest we’ve traveled was to Wichita, Kansas, for the Rollerz Only Car Show. Kyle Redus, president of the Wichita Chapter invited us up and we were ready for a road trip, so we hit the ground running. We never knew there was a scene in Wichita, but we found out real quick once we saw the rides in attendance. The show was not a huge affair, but this show was about quality, not quantity. While most everyone was headed to the huge Dub Show in Dallas, the dedicated souls on the WEGO Tour were collecting points. With Kyle being a wizard on the switches, we knew there was going to be a lot of action in the hop pit. Hoppers put their money where their mouth was this day as switchmasters gave it all they had. Rollerz Only Worldwide It was a great event and we were glad to be part of it all. Big thanks to Kyle and the Wichita Rollerz for having us out… Sychotic Texas USO – DFW, TX Real Riders – Kansas City Read More...

West Texas Shakedown 2015

September 29, 2015

Photos by “Big” Rick Treviño The last road trip of the 2015 car show season for us was a trip west to see our buddies of Exotic Minis and their West Texas Shakedown Show. This show has become a staple of the car show season for us; one of the pillars we have come to rely on all of these years. The reason is all of the excitement that comes out of this San Angelo event. Rad Ray and the guys really own this town. They know their audience and deliver with a powerful impact. Some of the best rides from around Texas and beyond make this show a must attend event because they realize the honor of placing at this event. This small town turns up a notch every September. There are always a lot of activities to partake in at this event. From hotdog eating to the limbo contest they have something for everyone to enjoy every year. Though these guys are a mini truck club, you will see mad respect from the low lows and big wheeled clubs from all around. The hop is no joke and we Read More...

UTI Sunnin & Stunnin Car Show 2015

September 2, 2015

This show coverage is long overdue. The good people of Universal Technical Institute invited us to be part of a very special yearly event they have to showcase the school to potential students. They told us that they wanted to host a car show this time around and really drum up the excitement. At that moment, we knew exactly what to do. We consulted with our good buddies at WEGO and asked them to work the event on the 2015 tour. We knew that would bring out some rides to fill their parking lot and bring in spectators as well. Nearly 125 rides that have followed the tour throughout the year made it out. Not a bad number for their first time car show. Nokturnal Texas The weather was perfect for what would be a fun filled day of music, food, and activities. The staff at UTI was able to meet with potential students and show them what the school had to offer. This was the goal for the day and we were very appreciative to be part of it all. We’d like to thank Jurian, Karitza, and the Read More...
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