January 2010

Mint Condition – 1956 Ford Customline

January 1, 2010

Story by John Urrey If you’re ever in the vicinity of the Texas-Oklahoma border and see a classic two-door Ford pass you, we can tell you now that the color you can’t put your finger on is Ice Mint Pearl. The 69 year-old gentleman behind the wheel is Mr. Bob Gross of Bonham, Texas. The car is a 1956 Ford Customline called Mint Condition and no, he won’t beg your pardon for passing you. The Customline was unveiled in 1955. It was built atop the ‘52 Ford undercarriage but brought with it several new engine styles including a 3.7 liter “Mileage Maker” straight six, a 4.5 liter Y-block V8 and the T-bird V8 which boasted 193 horsepower. The 1956 model, like Bob’s, was equipped with a widened grill and a new 12-volt electrical system. The ‘56 models also offered safety “options” like seat belt and padded dashboards at extra cost. Bob has owned the car since 2006 when he found it on the internet and traveled to Garland, Texas to Read More...