BlaSSé – 1963 Impala SS

December 7, 2019

This Impala goes from unimpressive to remarkable. At 38 years old, Thomas Mechell of Infamous Car Club has seen it all. The Greenspoint neighborhood native in Houston, TX, has been lowriding since he was 12 years old. “I’ve been lowriding a while,” Mechell said. “I’ve had pretty much every type of lowrider fixed up, from 60’s impalas to G-bodys and Cadillacs, I got burned out,” he added. Well, burn out set in back in 2010. 2016 would be when the wheels would begin to turn for him again. This is when his good buddy, Angel Galvan, brought in a 1963 Impala SS to Mechell’s restoration shop named ATS Auto Collision in Pinehurst, TX. “The car was bone stock all original black with red interior,” Mechell said. His buddy Galvan had found the one owner car listed on eBay. The original owner had purchased the car for his son back in 1963. His son left for the Army shortly after and never returned. The car sat in storage all of those Read More...

Boulevard Boss – 1962 Impala

June 9, 2015

Story by Jeff Ermann / Model: Miss Misty Marie [Editor’s note: This article was originally published in our Volume 29 Magazine in November 2012] Before the hundreds of hours of work, all the small details and major overhauls and all of the money spent – roughly $50,000, he estimates —  Robert Ramos’ Impala was just a car he’d picked up on a whim. “I bought it in June 2011. One of my car club members had it. It was painted, but the engine needed work and the interior needed to be redone. I wanted to just clean up the engine, but next thing you know, we were going all-out,” Ramos said. “I love the car, period. I love everything about it. ”But there are a couple of things that seem to stand about the Impala, named “Blvd Boss.” The paint job with intricate patterning, and the bounce. Boss’ three-pump, one-port piston set-up, has some serious juice behind it, as it’s powered by 10 AC Read More...