Step Your Game Up – 1962 Chevy Impala

March 1, 2010

Story by John Urrey Some credit the Chevrolet Impala as America’s first muscle car. Although others argue that honor should go to Pontiac’s GTO there is no doubt that the Impala has been one of the best selling cars in the U.S. The line began in 1958 as an trim package for the famous Chevy Bel Air. The package was so popular that Chevrolet decided to offer the Impala as a stand alone model the following year. In 1962 Hugo Martinez’ Impala, called Step Your Game Up, was born at GM’s Arlington, Texas plant. That season over 115,000 Impalas were produced. Three years later the Impala was in such demand that over a million were sold in 1965. The line was discontinued in 1985 but resurrected for the Detroit Auto Show in 1992 and returned to production in 1994. Today, Impalas are built in Canada. The subject at hand was built forty-eight years ago. The car has come full-circle, being constructed in Texas, finding its way to California, then brought back to its home Read More...
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