Photos by DC Claudio

Photos by DC Claudio

Roswell, New Mexico is most famous for an incident back in 1947 believed to be the crash landing of a UFO spacecraft. It was also the site of Nokturnal & USO Car clubs’ car show at Revue Nightclub. When we got the call to cover the event, we jumped on it right away, never being the type to pass up on a road trip.

The town was surrounded by little green aliens as far as the eye could see. On every building and in front of every business, there they were. The show was invaded by the area’s best custom vehicles. Indoors, spectators could enjoy some refreshing beverages and even some bowling while being entertained by local rap artists. This event was not a large event, but we see potential in the area for a major invasion of some hot rides. We’d like to thank both Nokturnal and USO for inviting us out…

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