Chingo Bling pens open letter to Donald Trump following Mexican immigrant remarks

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Rapper and comedian Chingo Bling penned an open letter to Donald Trump on Monday, saying “Thank you for your recent comments.”  That’s right.


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In the letter posted on Chingo Bling’s official Facebook page on Monday, the rapper thanked the presidential candidate for his remarks about Mexican immigrants during his presidential bid speech last week.  Why? Well, Chingo Bling believes the comments will force Hispanics to rise up and become “ultra-organized.”

“For the greater good and future of the Mexican community you chose not to kiss our ass, but offend us,” Ching Bling wrote. “Because nothing motivates Mexicans more than being offended.”

“You will be credited with changing us from a people with no true leadership to a community that is ultra-organized and mobilized. THANK YOU DONALD.” he wrote.

Trump has faced criticism, and protestors at campaign events, after calling for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to keep out Mexican “rapists” and criminals.

Chingo Bling had been criticized for the title of his 2007 album They Can’t Deport Us All.  He also asserts that he is the target of numerous Conservative journalists and right wing bloggers who criticize him because of his music and marketing concepts related to immigration.

Read Chingo Bling’s full letter below or listen to him read it by scrolling all the way down to the YouTube video.

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