Pura Canela – 1964 Chevy Impala

November 7, 2020

Ivan Alvarado of Tyler, Texas, was born into the custom car world. His father, Daniel, has been a paint and body man for many years before Ivan came along. So, it is no surprise that Ivan would eventually end up with his own custom ride at some point in time. As a kid, helping dad work on many rides over the years would give Ivan the necessary skills to work on his own personal creations when that time came. It wouldn’t be long. His older brother Edgar was already into lowriding and forming a new club in Tyler; Unicos Car Club. The year was 1998. At the tender age of 16, Ivan got his first lowrider; a 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo. “It was maroon with red flakes and a crushed velvet interior. It had some 14 inch Daytons,” Ivan said. That first ride would not be around for long, however. “I had it for about a year,” said Ivan, “We were going to a 15th to take the cars when another ‘79 Monte Carlo passed a stop sign and ran into my car. Pretty much Read More...

Victor’s 1959 Impala Pedal Car

April 11, 2020

Two months ago, we featured Victor Jimenez’ 1964 SS Impala named Greengo Money. Not to be outdone, his son Victor, Jr. also has a ride of his own. Back in 2018, Victor, Sr. ran across this 1959 Impala shell online on eBay. “It was pretty rough,” Victor said. The shell is made completely of fiberglass and required some work. This is when the pedal car made the trip to Garage Arte in Houston, Texas. Alex Hernandez of Garage Arte went in and first repaired the fiberglass shell before going in with the paint. Victor, Sr. decided on a solid Matrix root beer color for the car. Alex, then went back on top of the paint with shades of pagan gold and silver patterns across the rear wing; covering gold based flakes. During this time, Victor, Sr. was wrecking his brain on how to recreate a 5th wheel, since this car didn’t originally come with one. He decided to cut a 6 inch pipe but had trouble at figuring out how to get the rounded cap made. In a stroke of genius, he Read More...

Edge of Darkness – 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo Landau

March 28, 2020

In covering rides in our area over the last few months, it has quickly become apparent that Baytown, Texas, is a hotbed of lowriding action. Let’s add Jorge Garza and his fully customized 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo Landau to the growing list. The Baytown native and member of Latin Cartel Car Club spends his weekdays as a mild mannered supervisor at a natural gas plant and his weekends cruising the Monte. His obsession with lowriders began in 1991 at the young and tender age of 18. At that time, mini trucks were a rising trend in the custom show scene and Jorge’s older brothers Ramiro and Julio were hittin’ events with their trucks. This is where Jorge was exposed to lowriders for the first time. “My brothers were into trucks but I liked the lowriders with the hydraulic systems and flashy interiors,” said Jorge. It would be a very short wait before Jorge got into his first lowrider; a 1964 Chevy Impala. The poster car for the lowrider scene; a distant goal Read More...

Tyme Bomb – 1946 Chevy Stylemaster

March 14, 2020

Model: Lydia Monique “I’ve wanted a bombita ever since I was a teenager,” says Larry Harrison, better known to his friends as O.G. Larry, “I would buy Lowrider magazines, take out the bomb pics, and hang them on my wall.” How many of us can relate? How many of us now own the very rides we had dreamt about as children? The 43 year old Baytown, Texas, electrical project manager and member of Rollerz Only Galveston County was obsessed with bombs. “I used to draw them during school, I was so fascinated with them,” says Larry. As a teenager, Larry found a way to satisfy his lowrider cravings. “When I was 14, I started building lowrider bikes with my friend Erin Martinez,” the O.G. said, “We would fix them up, sell them, find another frame, and do it all over again.” Eventually this hustle would pay off when Larry had finally saved enough to get him into his very first lowrider. “My first car with hydros was a white Read More...

Gallo Tinto – 1985 Chevy Monte Carlo

February 22, 2020

Erik Davila of Loyal Car Club in Baytown, Texas, was just a kid when he first started lowriding. At fifteen years old, the teenage Erik wasn’t even old enough to drive when he had his first lowrider. “It was a 1979 Buick Regal on 14 inch Roadsters; black with plastic pinstripe designs that I did myself,” said Erik. But that first love would end tragically. “I had it for about five years and it was stolen from the apartment I used to live in,” he said, “It was found but it was burned up; no way to restore it.” A situation like that can make anyone rethink doing it all over again, but not Erik. He continued lowriding up ’til the day in March of 2005, when he learned about this 1985 Monte Carlo. “A coworker’s friend was selling it and he told me about it,” said Erik. This Monte would be a daily driver for now, but Erik had big plans for it. Being a paint and body man by trade, Erik had the necessary skills to take this Read More...

Twice as Nice – 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo

February 15, 2020

Menace Texas has only had a Corpus Christi chapter for about a year, but one member in this chapter has been repping the Corpus Christi custom car scene for a lot longer than that. Victor Hernandez has been in the game since he was a teen. “I’ve been working on customizing my own cars since I was 16 years old,” he said. This is when his father bought him his very first car. “I had a 1964 Chrysler Imperial my dad bought me. The car had a push button transmission. It was a boat of a car and I had every house speaker I could find in the trunk running off of one amp and a Pioneer deck,” Victor said. Years passed and Victor’s devotion to customizing his own rides only grew with every year. “The passion had been going so strong that we opened our own shop in 2013 and have been in business for seven years,” he said. By 2008, Victor had a newfound fondness for Monte Carlos. He traded a car he owned for a 1973 Monte Carlo. “The Monte is Read More...

Greengo Money – 1964 Chevy SS Impala

February 8, 2020

There are many project vehicles sitting in garages across the country right now, just waiting for the day to be completed. Many sit for years before being finished and some never get finished at all. This is a story of one such vehicle. Mike “Droopy” Lopez of Latin Kustoms Car Club in Pasadena, Texas, came into this 1964 Chevy Impala Super Sport back in 2011. He had done a lot of work to it in the time that he owned it, but all of that work came in the first two years. The brand new PPG Sour Apple Pearl paint job is the one the car still has to this day. Droopy had roof patterns painted by Michael “Sic” Cato of Sic Studios in Pasadena, Texas. The exterior paint was completed with murals wrapping around the sides by Verrick Falcón of Enhanced Air in Pasadena, Texas, which included the Impala’s new name – Greengo Money. In 2013, Droopy stopped work on the ’64 and put it in storage. And there it would sit, untouched, for four long years Read More...

Redrum – 1984 Buick Regal

January 25, 2020

James Hinojosa of Houston, Texas, was introduced to lowriding at a very young age. “My father took me to an indoor lowrider show when I was 5,” he said, “I was fascinated by the style, colors, exotic interiors, and the unique paint jobs.” You could say from that minute on, he was hooked. The current Vice President of Still Rollin Car Club had the opportunity to finally buy his first custom ride when he was 19. “A Buick Regal on Roadsters was my first lowrider. That was in 1995,” James said. He owned that car for three years before it disappeared. “It was stolen and never recovered,” he said. It would be twenty years later before James got back into the lowriding game with this 1984 Regal. “I bought the car from my neighbor in 2015,” James said, “It was all original with only 28K miles.” You now may be thinking that James has a thing for Regals and you’d be right. “Buick Regal has always been my Read More...

La Wawa – 1964 Chevy SS Impala Wagon

January 11, 2020

Some of you may have read the title to this article and said to yourselves, “GM never made a 64 Impala super sport wagon,” and you’d be 100% correct. That fact, however, didn’t stop Joe Meza of Houston, Texas, from making it a reality. The Vice President of the Gulf Coast Chapter of Rollerz Only Car Club wanted to build a wagon in memory of a wagon his mother used to own when he was a child. She often referred to her wagon as “La Wawa”. A simple wagon build, however, just wouldn’t do. Meza, as he’s known to his friends, was going to undertake building a vehicle that didn’t exist. Meza had been building lowriders for years. His first lowrider was a 1964 Chevy Impala SS. “I’ve been building since the age of 18; everything from Cadillacs to Impalas,” he said. This wagon entered Joe’s life back in 2013. In just the year before, Meza had completed three builds. “That year I came out really hard,” Read More...
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