Redrum – 1984 Buick Regal

January 25, 2020

James Hinojosa of Houston, Texas, was introduced to lowriding at a very young age. “My father took me to an indoor lowrider show when I was 5,” he said, “I was fascinated by the style, colors, exotic interiors, and the unique paint jobs.” You could say from that minute on, he was hooked. The current Vice President of Still Rollin Car Club had the opportunity to finally buy his first custom ride when he was 19. “A Buick Regal on Roadsters was my first lowrider. That was in 1995,” James said. He owned that car for three years before it disappeared. “It was stolen and never recovered,” he said. It would be twenty years later before James got back into the lowriding game with this 1984 Regal. “I bought the car from my neighbor in 2015,” James said, “It was all original with only 28K miles.” You now may be thinking that James has a thing for Regals and you’d be right. “Buick Regal has always been my Read More...

La Wawa – 1964 Chevy SS Impala Wagon

January 11, 2020

Some of you may have read the title to this article and said to yourselves, “GM never made a 64 Impala super sport wagon,” and you’d be 100% correct. That fact, however, didn’t stop Joe Meza of Houston, Texas, from making it a reality. The Vice President of the Gulf Coast Chapter of Rollerz Only Car Club wanted to build a wagon in memory of a wagon his mother used to own when he was a child. She often referred to her wagon as “La Wawa”. A simple wagon build, however, just wouldn’t do. Meza, as he’s known to his friends, was going to undertake building a vehicle that didn’t exist. Meza had been building lowriders for years. His first lowrider was a 1964 Chevy Impala SS. “I’ve been building since the age of 18; everything from Cadillacs to Impalas,” he said. This wagon entered Joe’s life back in 2013. In just the year before, Meza had completed three builds. “That year I came out really hard,” Read More...

Plan B – 1962 Chevy SS Impala

December 14, 2019

This Impala is proof that dreams do come true. Christopher Huff of League City, Texas, has always wanted to own an Impala. “I’ve been into lowriders since I was in junior high,” Huff said, “I grew up going to Los Magnificos shows back when they were big.” So when the oil and gas industry machinist finally started making good money, he made his dream a reality. He purchased a 1963 Impala that was pretty much completed. “It went to Shorty’s for a 4 pump 8 battery set up. That’s all I did,” Huff said. Shortly after purchasing the 63, he found this 1962 Impala Super Sport. “I bought the car for $12,000. From there it went to Car Craft in Pasadena, Texas,” said Huff, “Paul Rodriguez has been a family friend and mechanic for my family and company for many years, so I elected to let him wrench on it.” Rodriguez took care of all the paint and body work the 62 needed. Luckily, there wasn’t a lot of body work Read More...

Goldilocks – 1969 Chevy Impala

May 8, 2017

Story by Damon Luckey • One thing that’s always been a part of custom car culture is rolling dedications to loved ones. These tributes at times serve as reminders of who and what we have lost, but at other times serve as inspiration to keep pushing forward with life because the fallen would have wanted it no other way. As well as family losses, other family members also serve as inspiration. Many of the people in the car game developed a fondness of cars and a general enthusiasm for the lifestyle from their fathers. Such was the case for Clemente Resendez aka “Big C”. One of 8 siblings in a tight knit Resendez household in Texas, Big C grew up with a mini-mafia of sorts as he called it. The bond shared amongst his household kept them united as a family all the way through adulthood. After 15 custom builds and thriving off his father’s love for custom cars, Big C finally stumbled upon a 1969 Chevy Impala in Independence, Missouri in Read More...

Dream On – 1952 Chevy Pickup

May 1, 2017

Story by Damon Luckey • One of the most treasured arts of the custom automotive culture is the art of lowriding. Throughout its early days, lowriding has always been thought of involving cars, mostly Impalas, with hydraulics or just weight in the trunk. They had spokes, Cragars, or O.G. (original) wheels. Trucks were considered useful only for towing, hauling, or just general farm and maintenance work, but a small segment of America had other plans. Beginning on the west coast and spreading across the nation was lowrider culture. It had gone from the streets of East Los Angeles to the suburbs of St. Louis and small local communities as well such as Wellington, Texas. Wellington is the home of Ricky Granadoz, Sr. and Jr. Both longtime fans of the lowrider culture and deeply entrenched in the lifestyle. The elder Granadoz bought the 1952 Chevy Pickup truck over 20 years ago, but in recent years began the process of customization to the level it sits now. Read More...

Texas Innovator – 2003 Chevy Tahoe

September 30, 2015

Story by Damon Luckey • The city of Austin, Texas – A city most notably known for the University of Texas Longhorns, its 6th street nightlife, the South by Southwest music festival, and the Texas Heatwave Car Show. Yet, in the spring of every year, an event known as the Texas Relays that originally began as a track meet at the University of Texas, has morphed into a social event complete with bike meets, pool parties, and the ultimate stage for stuntin’ in the parking lot of the former Highland Park Mall. This is the most unorthodox automotive fashion show that one can imagine. Yet it continues to grow yearly. Car clubs and cliques from across the state flock to Austin for this one weekend to represent their city. Photographers from all over, come in to get some of the best footage of the hottest whips the state has to offer. Considering all of this, there’s always one constant as you exit off of Interstate 35 to Airport Blvd. en route to Read More...

Just Another 64 – 1964 Chevy SS Impala

July 31, 2015

The 1964 Chevy Impala SS is probably the most recognizable of all lowriders. Heavy in production at the time due to its sleek style and popularity. This popularity allows for heavy competition in this block of 1961-1964 Impalas. The standard is tremendously high. Thus, is why when StreetSeen Magazine stumbled upon David Julian's 64 SS, it definitely caused some intrigue. Read More...
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