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Pura Canela – 1964 Chevy Impala

November 7, 2020

Ivan Alvarado of Tyler, Texas, was born into the custom car world. His father, Daniel, has been a paint and body man for many years before Ivan came along. So, it is no surprise that Ivan would eventually end up with his own custom ride at some point in time. As a kid, helping dad work on many rides over the years would give Ivan the necessary skills to work on his own personal creations when that time came. It wouldn’t be long. His older brother Edgar was already into lowriding and forming a new club in Tyler; Unicos Car Club. The year was 1998. At the tender age of 16, Ivan got his first lowrider; a 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo. “It was maroon with red flakes and a crushed velvet interior. It had some 14 inch Daytons,” Ivan said. That first ride would not be around for long, however. “I had it for about a year,” said Ivan, “We were going to a 15th to take the cars when another ‘79 Monte Carlo passed a stop sign and ran into my car. Pretty much Read More...

Victor’s 1959 Impala Pedal Car

April 11, 2020

Two months ago, we featured Victor Jimenez’ 1964 SS Impala named Greengo Money. Not to be outdone, his son Victor, Jr. also has a ride of his own. Back in 2018, Victor, Sr. ran across this 1959 Impala shell online on eBay. “It was pretty rough,” Victor said. The shell is made completely of fiberglass and required some work. This is when the pedal car made the trip to Garage Arte in Houston, Texas. Alex Hernandez of Garage Arte went in and first repaired the fiberglass shell before going in with the paint. Victor, Sr. decided on a solid Matrix root beer color for the car. Alex, then went back on top of the paint with shades of pagan gold and silver patterns across the rear wing; covering gold based flakes. During this time, Victor, Sr. was wrecking his brain on how to recreate a 5th wheel, since this car didn’t originally come with one. He decided to cut a 6 inch pipe but had trouble at figuring out how to get the rounded cap made. In a stroke of genius, he Read More...

StreetSeen Magazine Vol. 37 now available for pre-order

April 2, 2020

Today we are happy to announce that the much anticipated StreetSeen Vol. 37 is available for pre-order. It has been several years since the release of Vol. 36 in May of 2017. Villa Entertainment Company, Inc., publishers of StreetSeen Magazine, made the decision to return to printing physical magazines after an announcement was made in December of 2019 by a large publisher in the automotive space that they would cease printing several popular titles. Jay Villa, Editor of StreetSeen Magazine, said, “Those of us in the custom car scene know that the printed magazine will always be the ultimate goal of any custom car builder. There will always be a market, at least in some capacity for printed magazines.” Villa is not officially announcing which vehicle features will be published in this issue, but we do know that cover car Victor Jimenez’ Greengo Money from Latin Kustoms will appear. We also do know which events were covered. The LMP Car Show in Houston, Oklahoma Read More...

Edge of Darkness – 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo Landau

March 28, 2020

In covering rides in our area over the last few months, it has quickly become apparent that Baytown, Texas, is a hotbed of lowriding action. Let’s add Jorge Garza and his fully customized 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo Landau to the growing list. The Baytown native and member of Latin Cartel Car Club spends his weekdays as a mild mannered supervisor at a natural gas plant and his weekends cruising the Monte. His obsession with lowriders began in 1991 at the young and tender age of 18. At that time, mini trucks were a rising trend in the custom show scene and Jorge’s older brothers Ramiro and Julio were hittin’ events with their trucks. This is where Jorge was exposed to lowriders for the first time. “My brothers were into trucks but I liked the lowriders with the hydraulic systems and flashy interiors,” said Jorge. It would be a very short wait before Jorge got into his first lowrider; a 1964 Chevy Impala. The poster car for the lowrider scene; a distant goal Read More...

Ritz Car Show 2020

March 21, 2020

In 2018, The Ritz Cabaret in Houston, Texas, hosted a car and truck show after at least 15 years since hosting their first one. The event had some support from local clubs and riders, but the weather forecast proved to be the bad luck that kept it from being a great event. The Ritz crew knew that hosting a successful event would be possible if only the weather cooperated. The decision was made to skip September in 2019 and attempt the show again in the first weekend in March of 2020. The decision to move the date would prove to be a good move. Though somewhat windy, the weather was pretty good for a day full of custom and restored rides decorating the Ritz parking lot. Many local riders and clubs came out to show support. There were a variety of genres of vehicles on display to satisfy any auto enthusiast’s taste. Ritz managers Rick, Rami, and Lynn Even though the Ritz is a business that caters to adults over 21 indoors, outdoors, the event was a family affair with many people Read More...

Tyme Bomb – 1946 Chevy Stylemaster

March 14, 2020

Model: Lydia Monique “I’ve wanted a bombita ever since I was a teenager,” says Larry Harrison, better known to his friends as O.G. Larry, “I would buy Lowrider magazines, take out the bomb pics, and hang them on my wall.” How many of us can relate? How many of us now own the very rides we had dreamt about as children? The 43 year old Baytown, Texas, electrical project manager and member of Rollerz Only Galveston County was obsessed with bombs. “I used to draw them during school, I was so fascinated with them,” says Larry. As a teenager, Larry found a way to satisfy his lowrider cravings. “When I was 14, I started building lowrider bikes with my friend Erin Martinez,” the O.G. said, “We would fix them up, sell them, find another frame, and do it all over again.” Eventually this hustle would pay off when Larry had finally saved enough to get him into his very first lowrider. “My first car with hydros was a white Read More...

Lowrider Cruz Night – February 29, 2020

March 7, 2020

The Tejas Lowrider Movement (TLM) has been a name that has come up a lot recently in the Houston custom car scene. What is the TLM? “It’s a lowrider movement to keep things alive for our lowrider culture,” says John Almanza, the organization’s founder. The TLM has been hosting many local custom car events, picnics, and BBQs in the Houston area for the last five years. Every one of them have been absolutely free for the public and participants. With partnerships with some of Houston’s hottest local eateries, the TLM has had many location options across town to host their gatherings. Almanza, a former member of For Life and Expensive Taste car clubs, said, “I wanted to involve everyone from every club; not just our club doing events all the time. It would burn people out.” His solution for burn out was to create an organization that would include all clubs, solo riders, and enthusiasts. We have been to a few TLM events just as spectators. This Read More...

Still Rollin 2nd Annual Car Show

February 29, 2020

Still Rollin Car Club – The hosts of this event. Still Rollin Car Club was formed in February of 2018. In the two years that Still Rollin has been a club, they have gained a lot of respect among their peers in the custom car scene in both Texas and Colorado. This was evident at their 2nd Annual Still Rollin Car Show in Houston, Texas. On a very overcast Sunday morning at the Zum Barrel Resturant in Late February, 2020, the club set up to receive entries. It wouldn’t be long before the entries started rolling in. Because of the dark skies throughout the day, we weren’t quite sure what to expect in terms of attendance. Turns out that the event had over 100 entries; a very respectable amount of participants supporting the Houston custom car scene. Best of Show winner Joe Valdez’ 1962 ragtop Impala James Hinojosa, President of the club said, “Still Rollin Car Club wanted to create a family oriented, fun, enjoyable event, with prize winning, and lots of Read More...

Jocelyn Rodriguez with Gallo Tinto – Car Show Hotties

February 28, 2020

It would be a complete waste to not share some of the many hot photos of Car Show Hottie Jocelyn Rodriguez with Erik Davila’s 85 Chevy Monte Carlo Gallo Tinto that didn’t make the original coverage. We featured the Monte here just last week. Please take a look and enjoy the images. Follow Jocelyn on her social media: Facebook / Instagram / Snapchat Read More...
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