Time iz Money – 1976 Buick Regal

November 1, 2008

Marcus “Lucky” Morrow, Sr. owns one of the cleanest rides around. This 1976 Buick Regal has been touring with the WEGO tour this year and has received its fair share of attention. This vehicle has been winning some of the top honors in the tour and nobody would guess the Regal was from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yep, that’s right… the Sooner State. This project began back in October of 1996 and took nearly a decade to complete. With the list of modifications made, it’s no wonder why. The Regal was first dismantled and parts were sent off for chroming. Renfro of Economy Plating in Mesquite, TX was hired for the job. Then it was time to tackle the engine. Marvin Smith Jr. of Marv’s Power in Tulsa made sure the Regal purred like a kitten. The seats and upholstery were next on the list of must do’s. Buddy Pruitt of Pruitt’s Upholstery in Tulsa dressed the seats in a stock black fabric and vinyl; matching the seats original look. This Regal Read More...

The Price is Right – 1963 Chevy Impala Convertible

September 1, 2008

Joe Rivera of Latin Kustoms CC in Pasadena, TX owns one of the finest rides around. His 1963 Chevy Impala convertible is used to being in the limelight. It gets attention everywhere he drives it and at every show where it is on display. The impala also has an interesting story to tell. In 2002 Joe bought the impala from the original owner who, believe it or not, won it on The Price Is Right… which is where it gets its name. By 2004, Joe had finished the transformation of this prize ride. The transformation began with new paint and body. Freddy and the boys of Leal Bros Custom Painting in Corpus Christi, TX sprayed the vehicle black. They then topped it off with violet pearl before applying the multicolored graphics that you see racing from one end to the other. Then the Latin Kustoms guys went to work on the interior. They went with a stock black vinyl and tweed finish with a raised “63” on each seat. The hydraulics were installed by Shorty’s Hydraulics in Read More...

Family Tradition – 1979 Lincoln Mark V

July 1, 2008

What is the best gift you have ever received from a family member? Think about that for a minute. Chances are it was never a candy painted custom vehicle… that is of course unless you’re one of the Leal brothers of Corpus Christi TX. This 1979 Lincoln Mark V has seen its share of owners. It was orginally owned by Benny Leal Sr., then given to Frank Leal III, and is now owned by Jesse Leal, the baby of the bunch. This vehicle is no newcomer to the scene. It has been around for quite some time. In fact, the metal flake royal blue paint job with candy patterns that wraps this low low was painted by the Leal Bros. Custom Paint Shop in 1995 That’s right, you’re looking at a 13 year old paint job that still outdoes many in the scene today! The Leal brothers also custom cut a sunroof into the top of the Lincoln and molded the trunk. The interior is stunning as you can see from the above image. R&R Customs in El Paso, TX dressed the interior in royal blue, bright Read More...

Low Low Car Show – Spring 2008

May 31, 2008

Each year we look forward to the show that first allowed us to cover their event. Lewis of Redline Entertainment has been hosting the Low Low Car Show for several years now and invited us out when we were barely in the beginning stages several years ago. With the threat of rain looming on this weekend, rumors began to surface that the show would be canceled. Not only did the show take place, but it was the largest turnout to date. There were so many vehicles showing that there was barely enough room for us to park the StreetSeen van. Hundreds of low lows and scores of car clubs came out to represent. The Miss Low Low contest was pleasing as always. Lots of talent like Take Ovasouth, Trampia, Poetic Vandals, and The McGarity Boys kept the park bumping while headliners DJ UNK, Rob G, and Three 6 Mafia closed out the show for a night we soon would not forget. There may be many shows that come and go over time, but when the Low Low Car Show comes to town, you already know that the event Read More...

Aztlan – 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass

May 1, 2008

Manuel Vento, President of the Pasadena, TX chapter of Rollerz Only is the proud owner of this ‘85 Cutlass. It was painted in a candy violet and has a fully wrapped and molded frame by Fabian of Kandy Kustomz in Corpus Christi, TX. Jon Saenz also of Corpus Christi did the mural work. Rabbit of All Pro in Houston did the audio and hydraulic systems, most of the modifications, and metal fabrication including: Suicide / tilt front end, suicide trunk, lambo / suicide doors, Jaguar rear end, LT-1 motor swap out of a corvette, twisted drive shaft and rear end control arms, and remote steering… there is no steering wheel in this vehicle! The entertainment system includes Three 8″ Audiobahn screens and four Audiobahn 12″ woofers. There is a six pump hydraulic setup; two for the body and one each for all four corners. The custom engraving on the intake, valve covers, rear end, transmission, and hydraulic pumps was done by Cortez Engraving in Dallas, TX. The Cutlass Read More...

Texas Showdown 2007

June 20, 2007

This show is officially credited as being the first show we ever covered as the newly fledged StreetSeen Magazine. Though we had gone to take photos at the Low Low Car Show in San Antonio in 2005 wearing gear, this would be the show in which we were officially launching the brand. At the time, Darryl Tracy of Tracy Media owned the show. This was before he sold it to Heatwave, Inc. The whole weekend was a washout which would make you think that nobody would show, but to the contrary, it brought out the most wild showgoers we’ve seen til this day. The event was wild. It reminded us more of a frat party than a car and truck show. There were half naked ladies running around everywhere! We got images so wild, we couldn’t post them here. This show will hold a special place in our hearts not only for being the first, but also for the people we met that would be life long friends. Darryl Tracy of Tracy Media and Severed Ties member, David MacDonald of the Texas Read More...
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