March 2015

Gold Digger – 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa

March 30, 2015

Story by Jeff Ermann / The name of David Walters‘ bike, “Gold Digger” is fitting in more ways than just the obvious one. “It’s the color,” he said, “and I’m always spending money on it.” How much? Well, the wide-tire kit ran him about $8,000 and the customized motor ended up racking up another six grand or so. So while that phrase may usually be reserved for women trying to get into a man’s wallet, it’s unlikely he’s ever spent as much on any female as he has on the ’06 Suzuki Hayabusa. “Oh, never,” Walters says, laughing. Still, like most anyone who’s poured time and money into custom cars and bikes, he wouldn’t change a thing. The bike is a steady winner at shows, a beast on the quarter-mile track and a blur on the street, where Walter says it’s topped out around 200 miles an hour. “The bike was set up originally for a quarter-mile track. The Read More...