Rollerz Only Wichita Car Show 2015

September 30, 2015

Photos by Jose Luis Rodriguez, Jr. So far this year, the furthest we’ve traveled was to Wichita, Kansas, for the Rollerz Only Car Show. Kyle Redus, president of the Wichita Chapter invited us up and we were ready for a road trip, so we hit the ground running. We never knew there was a scene in Wichita, but we found out real quick once we saw the rides in attendance. The show was not a huge affair, but this show was about quality, not quantity. While most everyone was headed to the huge Dub Show in Dallas, the dedicated souls on the WEGO Tour were collecting points. With Kyle being a wizard on the switches, we knew there was going to be a lot of action in the hop pit. Hoppers put their money where their mouth was this day as switchmasters gave it all they had. Rollerz Only Worldwide It was a great event and we were glad to be part of it all. Big thanks to Kyle and the Wichita Rollerz for having us out… Sychotic Texas Real Riders – Kansas City 40 and a 5th CC – Read More...

Texas Innovator – 2003 Chevy Tahoe

September 30, 2015

Story by Damon Luckey • The city of Austin, Texas – A city most notably known for the University of Texas Longhorns, its 6th street nightlife, the South by Southwest music festival, and the Texas Heatwave Car Show. Yet, in the spring of every year, an event known as the Texas Relays that originally began as a track meet at the University of Texas, has morphed into a social event complete with bike meets, pool parties, and the ultimate stage for stuntin’ in the parking lot of the former Highland Park Mall. This is the most unorthodox automotive fashion show that one can imagine. Yet it continues to grow yearly. Car clubs and cliques from across the state flock to Austin for this one weekend to represent their city. Photographers from all over, come in to get some of the best footage of the hottest whips the state has to offer. Considering all of this, there’s always one constant as you exit off of Interstate 35 to Airport Blvd. en route to Read More...

West Texas Shakedown 2015

September 29, 2015

Photos by “Big” Rick Treviño The last road trip of the 2015 car show season for us was a trip west to see our buddies of Exotic Minis and their West Texas Shakedown Show. This show has become a staple of the car show season for us; one of the pillars we have come to rely on all of these years. The reason is all of the excitement that comes out of this San Angelo event. Rad Ray and the guys really own this town. They know their audience and deliver with a powerful impact. Some of the best rides from around Texas and beyond make this show a must attend event because they realize the honor of placing at this event. This small town turns up a notch every September. There are always a lot of activities to partake in at this event. From hotdog eating to the limbo contest they have something for everyone to enjoy every year. Though these guys are a mini truck club, you will see mad respect from the low lows and big wheeled clubs from all around. The hop is no joke and we Read More...

UTI Sunnin & Stunnin Car Show 2015

September 2, 2015

This show coverage is long overdue. The good people of Universal Technical Institute invited us to be part of a very special yearly event they have to showcase the school to potential students. They told us that they wanted to host a car show this time around and really drum up the excitement. At that moment, we knew exactly what to do. We consulted with our good buddies at WEGO and asked them to work the event on the 2015 tour. We knew that would bring out some rides to fill their parking lot and bring in spectators as well. Nearly 125 rides that have followed the tour throughout the year made it out. Not a bad number for their first time car show. Nokturnal Texas The weather was perfect for what would be a fun filled day of music, food, and activities. The staff at UTI was able to meet with potential students and show them what the school had to offer. This was the goal for the day and we were very appreciative to be part of it all. We’d like to thank Jurian, Karitza, and the Read More...
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