Royal Touch Picnic 2012

August 15, 2012

Photos by DC Claudio The last time we covered a Royal Touch event was in 2007. That year, the club had their show as part of the WEGO Tour. This year, we were invited out to Bryan for a picnic they were hosting. Lots of area clubs came out to barbecue and to enjoy the park on a Sunday afternoon. No trophies were up for grabs, no registration forms had to be completed. This was open to anyone who wanted to spend time with friends and family on a beautiful day. The Royal Touch crew had the concession stand going all day long dishing out food and drinks for those who didn’t bring their own pits. La Compania Car Club even brought out celebrity members Raini and Rico Rodriguez who are from the Bryan College Station area. Both are carving out their spot in Hollywood, but still took enough time to spend the day with everyone back home. Lots of quality rides were on hand as expected. When all it costs is a quarter tank of gas to enjoy an event, you can imagine that many rides will make Read More...

Traditionals Pachanga 2012

August 1, 2012

The Rio Grande Valley has always shown us love. That’s why we always do our very best to attend and cover events in the area when we’re invited out. Back in March, we were approached by Traditionals Car Club to join them at their 3rd Annual Pachanga held in Weslaco. We made the necessary arrangements to attend. Picnics always have very good turnouts. People love getting together and spending time with friends and family at these events. Because it was a picnic, no money was required from attendees for anything. This didn’t mean that nothing was paid for by Traditionals. They gave out cash prizes for many things including, longest distance, tug of war, jalapeño eating, tattoo contest on top of many other things. Club president, Juan Garcia said, “We’re going to spend the money, regardless, throwing a pachanga just for our club, so why not invite all of our friends to share the day, and a little dinero and make it a huge party?” It looks as if Read More...

Cowboys Life 2012

July 4, 2012

We'll be the first to admit that we underestimated our buddies to the North of us. This show caught us completely by surprise. Read More...

Old School – 1967 Chevy Nova SS

July 1, 2012

Story by Jeff Ermann • Mario Garza’s ’67 Chevy Nova Super Sport wasn’t always an award-winning show ride. But it has been competing for decades. “I used to race it all the time on the street, and sometimes at Alamo Dragway,” said Garza, 57, of San Antonio. Garza began customizing the car in 2003 and didn’t stop until 2007. First, he mini-tubbed it to make room for bigger tires and had Ignacio Aragon of Ike’s Garage add front and rear disc brakes, along with help from Frank Felan. All of the body work on the car’s been done by Joseph Aragon, while most of the paint and frame work is credited to Robert Escobedo, who added the murals in 2010. “We were gonna set it up as something simple for a show. But you know how it goes – one thing leads to another,” said Randy Garza, Mario’s son and partner on the car. “Little by little, we kept doing stuff to it.” What they’re doing Read More...

LB1 – 1976 Chevy Caprice Classic

May 1, 2012

Story by Jeff Ermann • A lot of guys say they’ve been building lowriders for years. But for Freddy Leal, it’s been a way of life for nearly as long as he can recall. Leal’s worked for decades at the family business, at first under his father, and then taking the reins at Leal Bros Custom Painting in Corpus Christi, Tex., back in ’92. So it was no surprise that Leal breezed past the competition in the recent “From Stock to Stun” contest, transforming an untouched ’76 Caprice Classic into a primo show ride, one that’s the first ever lowrider to make the cover of Street Seen. “We had to do everything from start to finish. It was just a plain Caprice Classic,” Leal said. “We’ve been doing car shows for years, so when they asked if I was interested, I said yeah, sure. It was kind of challenging because we also had to do our business and squeeze this in during other hours. A lot of times I Read More...

Lucky 6 Tre – 1963 Chevy SS Impala

February 7, 2012

Benito Gonzales picked up his ‘63 Chevy Impala SS in 2003 with plans of customizing it and hitting the show circuit. He quickly painted it, and after his wife bought him a engine as a birthday surprise, he was ready to get rolling. And then lightning – or, to be more specific, ice – struck. “There was an ice storm and a tree fell on it. The paint was ruined,” Gonzales says. “Then it sat around for four or five years.” That’s when Gonzales came into contact with some members of the Illegal Toys car club in Oklahoma City. They encouraged him to renew his efforts to build a prize-winning ride. And a few years later, he’s done exactly that, having taken a dozen awards since debuting the car, which he’s since named “Lucky 6 Tre,” in 2010. “I name it that because I just got lucky with the car. I met all the right people. I couldn’t have done it without the car club and of course, my wife,” he says. Read More...