November 2011

Torres Empire LA Car Show 2011

November 1, 2011

Joe Ray’s Las Vegas The majority of our staff were still teenagers when the last major lowrider show took place in Los Angeles. These were the days the Super Show was still in LA before moving to Vegas. This was the height of lowriding. Rap artists drove them in their videos; everyone wanted to own one. Though things have changed over time, those true to the scene held on to the hope that one day another major event would indeed take place in LA. Though many had tried unsuccessfully in years past, Sam Torres of the Torres Empire was able to make it happen. Through lots of hard work and partnerships with major entities in the scene and the city, Torres was able to pull it off. Penthouse All of the heavy hitters were there. Vehicles from our childhood days – vehicles that have been stored away for years – saw the lights of a car show again. We were excited to see many OG rides such as Las Vegas, Dressed to Kill, and Penthouse present and shining like they just rolled Read More...