November 2008

Time iz Money – 1976 Buick Regal

November 1, 2008

Marcus “Lucky” Morrow, Sr. owns one of the cleanest rides around. This 1976 Buick Regal has been touring with the WEGO tour this year and has received its fair share of attention. This vehicle has been winning some of the top honors in the tour and nobody would guess the Regal was from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yep, that’s right… the Sooner State. This project began back in October of 1996 and took nearly a decade to complete. With the list of modifications made, it’s no wonder why. The Regal was first dismantled and parts were sent off for chroming. Renfro of Economy Plating in Mesquite, TX was hired for the job. Then it was time to tackle the engine. Marvin Smith Jr. of Marv’s Power in Tulsa made sure the Regal purred like a kitten. The seats and upholstery were next on the list of must do’s. Buddy Pruitt of Pruitt’s Upholstery in Tulsa dressed the seats in a stock black fabric and vinyl; matching the seats original look. This Regal Read More...